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I am a staunch supporter of responsible firearm ownership and a firm believer in the right of armed self-defence. I am a registered firearm collector as well as a dedicated sport shooter. Apart from my sport and collector licenced firearms, I also have a licence for self-defence (section 13 of the FCA) and another three licenses for occasional hunting and sporting (section 15 of the FCA). My registered firearm collector theme is "History and development of service firearms" and I am a member in good standing with the PWAV which is affiliated with NAACCSA. My sport shooting organisation is SADPA and is affiliated to IDPA.

I feel it is essential to visit the shooting range as often as possible in order to hone your skills and be a responsible firearm owner. Carrying a firearm with you every day also makes you much more tolerant towards others. It also focuses your mind and I find myself continuously evaluating and assessing my surroundings whenever I am in public with the rest of my family.

According to the South African firearms act, you are only allowed to have one firearm for self-defence (handgun) and another three firearms for occasional hunting and sporting, of which only one other handgun is allowed. You are therefore only allowed more than four firearms if you are either a collector, dedicated sport shooter or dedicated hunter. Furthermore you are only allowed 200 rounds of ammunition per license unless you have dedicated sport or dedicated hunter status in which case this restriction is removed from you as person.

I enjoy all types of firearms from the very early black powder ones right up to the more modern rifles and pistols.


Brown Bess lockwork