Star B-Super


Star model B Super

Star B-Super, 1973 model



Technical Information

Manufacturer: Star Bonifacio Echeverria
Model: B-Super
Total Weight with empty magazine: 1066g
Country of Origin: Spain, Eibar
Barrel Length: 130mm
Calibre: 9mmP
Length of pistol: 215mm
Action: Single action semi-automatic
Width of pistol: 36mm
Magazine Capacity: 8 Height of pistol: 133mm


General Information

The Star model B-Super is a single action locked breach semi-automatic pistol chambered for 9mmP. It is basically an "upgrade" of the standard model B which was used by the South African Defence Force until it was replaced by the Z88 pistol. It has quite a number of added features which improved the model B.


Star model B-Super right side


The Star Model B-Super is not too badly designed. It's a big full sized pistol but fitted with an a single stack magazine capable of loading only 8 rounds. The slide does lock back on the last round fired and operating the slide release button can be easily done with the thumb. The safety lever is also quite easy to operate and use. The grip is quite large and anyone with small hands might find it difficult to handle the full sized firearm. It also have fairly long barrel and is fitted with decent sights. I must state that my Star model B Super is exceptionally accurate and easy to shoot on target. The single action trigger is smooth and soft to pull. Recoil is really controllable due to the large steel frame and slide. My version is not fitted with a magazine safety.


Star model number designation

Star model B Super loaded chamber indicator



My Star model B Super feeds a military 115grain FMJ without any failures. Hollow points is a problem though, and I have not found any modern hollow point which feeds reliably. Most hollow points will fail to feed in the Star model b Super because of the design of the magazine. It does feed any CMJ loaded "hot" with a COL of about 29.3mm. A shorter cartridge tends to nose-dive into the magazine. Any bullet other than a round nose type tends to get stuck at the bottom of the feed ramp. My current preferred round to shoot in my Star model B Super is either a 115grain cmj bullet @1240 ft/sec or a 147grain round nose bullet @ 950 ft/sec. Loading anything with a lighter charge will cause misfires in the form of "stovepipes" and double feeds. The Star model B's used by the SADF have a bad reputation for reliability. This was probably caused by the firearms being in service for too long and or not cleaning the guns frequently enough. It should also be noted that the Star Model B as well as the B-Super should never be dry-fired (pulling the trigger with a cocked hammer without a round in the chamber) as it will break the firing pin quite easily. If you want to dry-fire the pistol, invest in some snap caps.


Determining Year of Manufacture

In order to determine the year of manufacture, look for the date code which is usually located under the left grip panel. This is the proof mark which is used by the Eibar proof house proof house in Spain. The date code on my pistol is R1, which corresponds to the year 1973. All firearms manufactured in Spain can be dated this way.


Star model B Super date


Code Year Code Year Code Year
A 1927 A1 1955 A2 1981
B 1928 B1 1956 B2 1982
C 1929 C1 1957 C2 1983
D 1931 D1 1958 D2 1984
E 1932 E1 1959 E2 1985
F 1933 F1 1960 F2 1986
G 1934 G1 1961 G2 1987
H 1935 H1 1962 H2 1988
I 1936 I1 1963 I2 1989
J 1937 J1 1964 J2 1990
K 1938 K1 1965 K2 1991
L 1939 L1 1966 L2 1992
M 1941 M1 1967 M2 1993
N 1942 N1 1968 N2 1994
Ñ 1943 Ñ1 1969 Ñ2 1995
O 1944 O1 1970 O2 1996
P 1945 P1 1971 P2 1997
Q 1946 Q1 1972 Q2 1998
R 1947 R1 1973 R2 1999
S 1948 S1 1974 S2 2000
T 1949 T1 1975 T2 2001
U 1950 U1 1976 U2 2002
V 1951 V1 1977 V2 2003
X 1952 X1 1978 X2 2004
Y 1953 Y1 1979 Y2 2005
Z 1954 Z1 1980 Z2 2006


Accuracy and reloading


Bullet weight


Powder Type


powder charge


Projectile speed


115 CMJ S121 4.8 1240
147 CMJ MS200 3.7 950




Overall Impression

The Star model B Super is a robust, accurate and reliable pistol provided you fire CMJ or FMJ type rounds with a COL of about 29.3mm. It is a big pistol, but quite easy to manage and very easy to shoot accurately with. It is however designed for a shooter with large hands.


Star model B Super field stripped